A back brace for

people on the move

Our mission is to eliminate your lower back pain so you can do more of what you love. Lumbrella’s breakthrough technology instantly relieves pain while providing you with the flexibility to stay active all day long.

For back pain,

movement is medicine

Lumbrella attacks the challenge from both sides, instantly relieving pain while allowing for free range of motion. Regular physical exercise has been clinically shown to reduce back pain and reduce the frequency of recurring back pain attacks by almost half. Most medical-grade braces relieve pain but restrict movement, while store-bought braces allow movement but don’t provide enough support to relieve pain. Lumbrella is the only solution that relieves pain AND allows a full range of motion.

A back brace that fits your body and your life

Lumbrella conforms to all body types and activity levels and can be adjusted with ease throughout the day. 


Lumbrella can help you do more of what you love every day by reducing back pain and providing customized lower back support. As you go about your day, Lumbrella can be adjusted with the turn of a dial to adapt to whatever you need to get done.


Lumbrella allows you to quickly and easily switch from everyday activities to repetitive movements like heavy lifting, bending and crouching, while providing your back with the customized support, stabilization and joint decompression you need to move comfortably and pain free.


Lumbrella is designed to give you the freedom of movement needed to maintain correct form in your exercise program or sport of choice, while providing support and decompression comparable to a custom-molded brace.

Guaranteed Life-Changing Results

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If Lumbrella doesn’t fundamentally change your life to your full satisfaction in the first 30 days, we’ll send you a prepaid return shipping label and issue a full refund. No hidden fees or surprises. Terms and conditions apply.

Remote Fittings & Consultations

We have provided thousands of satisfied customers end-to-end service remotely from the comfort of their homes. No need for in-person fittings or consultations. We use your choice of telephone or video calls every step of the way.

Health Insurance Approved

Lumbrella braces are reimbursable under most health insurance plans. Our bracing specialists will be there for you all the way to assist you with your claim.

DESIGNED for pain-free mobility

Unmatched flexibility

A patented mechanism allows the brace’s two belts to be adjusted separately for the best possible fit. As your back strengthens, something that happens commonly with increased activity after successful treatment, Lumbrella can be readjusted in seconds to maintain a perfect fit.


Adjusts to the curves of your body with the help of a micro-adjustable Boa® Fit lacing system. This innovation means that you get a perfectly contoured fit for your fabulous and unique body, just by turning a dial. Once set, the Dynamic Lumbar Panel becomes rigid to maintain correct posture.


Three-Point Force System

The first of its kind, this system relieves pressure on your lower back like no other back brace. Attaching the Inner Belt to the Dynamic Abdominal Panel is a unique innovation that provides an optimal distribution of force required to effectively unload your lower spine.

a back brace for people on the move